WordPress 2.9.2 and plugins

We’ve upgraded ScotBlogs to WordPress 2.9.2! Along with some of the other new features available, one that we are most excited about is the ‘Trash’ feature, which now shows its status for posts, pages, and comments (and includes restore and permanent delete).

In previous versions, WordPress would open the ‘View your new post’ page in the same window as the administrative panel, which would force users to either ‘back up’ through the browser or login again through the wp-admin page. Now, View/Preview post opens in a new window from the link in the Saved/Updated message.

For users who have used the plugin “WP Sticky Post” – the sticky feature is now embedded in WordPress without using the plugin, which is why it has been removed from our Plugin offerings. In the publish box to the right of your content window, click the “Edit” button next to “Visibility” and you will see the checkbox for “Stick this post to the front page”. Just check it off and hit “Publish” when you are done writing your post, and it will stay at the top of your page regardless of how many posts you create after it.

Another plugin we have had in our roster for a while has been Admin Management Xtended, and just to show you all of its features, here is a quick video about it:

Admin Management Xtended Demo from Oliver Schlöbe on Vimeo.

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