Preparing for 2012

Thank you to all of the editors who have contributed content throughout 2011, it was a great year of blogging. I wanted to quickly cover 2 items with all of you as we head into 2012.


We are now running the latest version of WordPress, some of the notable features for us are:

  • Better/easier file uploads
  • Improved tablet support (In case you missed it, you can enable mobile editing by following the instructions on the “What’s new for 2011” post.)
  • Tooltips for new/updated features

Feel free to read the full details, but skip the nerd talk if that’s not your thing.

“Wooster 2012”

A new theme for ScotBlogs is in the works and will be rolled out during summer break. Your current posts and widgets will carry over to the new design and should be unaffected for the most part. If you have any ideas or requests for the theme, please contact me directly.

About Dwight Nagy

Assistant Director of Web Communication at The College of Wooster and ScotBlogs Administrator
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